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4th & Mayor is your beautiful, smooth, personalized client for foursquare. Your theme and accent color preferences flow through the app.

Last week at SXSW, fsq3 was released - bringing in a great new way to find recommendations and explore - and now this same great experience is on the Windows Phone.
The Windows Phone is about a light and responsive user interface, clearing away the clutter.

Sure, the official iPhone and Android foursquare apps look similar to one-another...

Here's a chance to be different.
A fresh interpretation of a foursquare app, 4th & Mayor presents the info you want and ties it all together nicely.
With photo support, you can finally see what pics people have left at venues you're checking out - how's the food look? What's the ambiance?

Pics are supported on venue pages and tips - add your own!
Comment on your check-ins and those of your friends on foursquare. It's a great way to stay in touch, plan to meet, or let people know that you're in the 3rd table near the bar wearing a red t-shirt!
International check-in support, tested in Sweden, Russia, and other hot spots - supports checking into places with foreign characters.

Metric or imperial unit display.
And last, but not least: Foursquare is even more fun now - new ways to earn points and challenge your friends on your leaderboard.

4th & Mayor
only for Windows Phone

If you downloaded this page on EDGE, I am sorry.